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Shipment Methods

Xinjuexin supports various shipment methods, eg: express, air freight shipping, sea freight shipping, rail freight transport, truck shipping, etc., negotiable. 

What is Express Shipping ?

Express shipping is any expedited shipping service offered by a shipping courier. Express shipping costs more than standard shipping because express services are flown for much of the distance. That said, if speed is what you need, express shipping is your best option. Plus, express shipping services are delivery-time guaranteed.

What is Air Freight Shipping ?

Air freight shipping is a great alternative to oceanic shipping for high-value items that need to be supplied in shorter lead times. It constitutes almost 10% of the international cargo, and this pricey alternative comes with many strategic benefits for businesses. Also, if the sourced products are less costly, have a less volumetric weight, air shipping can be a better choice.

What is Sea Freight Shipping?

Sea freight shipping is often a cost-effective option when you want to import bulk amount of goods from overseas. People buying their stock from other countries find sea freight the cheapest method. However, sea freight takes longer to ship and should be chosen when you have enough time.

What is Rail Freight Transport?

Rail freight refers to the transport of cargo by train through a network of railroads and stations. Various wagons are collected behind a locomotive that travels through rail freight corridors, which are railways dedicated to the transportation of cargo and not passengers. Freight trains can carry any type of items, from furniture or cars to raw goods such as grains or iron. There are trains specialized in different types of cargoes, allowing both domestic and international transportation of goods via rail.

The cost of the rail freight service depends on the details of the load (dimensions, weight and type of items), the origin, and the delivery destination. Since trains are restricted to the rail freight corridors, this service is usually combined with road transport to make the connection between the station and the final address.

What is Truck Transport?

Truck transport is hauling your truck from one location to another, usually on a semi truck. Though there are other methods for truck transport and heavy duty truck shipping, such as using a hotshot transport method. A Heavy Haulers logistic agent will determine the best trailer for your commercial truck transport, based on dimensions and weight.

Xinjuexin Offer DDP Shipping Service.

DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) shipping, is an arrangement where the Seller assumes all the costs, risks, and liabilities of transporting goods to the Buyer. The Seller is responsible for shipping costs, customs clearance, import and export duties, taxes, and any related paperwork. This mode of shipment is the most convenient, time and energy saving for the Buyer, who only needs to wait for the delivery of the goods.

Standard Shipping Terms for Reference

The Below is Guide to Standard Commonly Used Shipping Terms: