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Quality Assurance

In the injection moulding production process, quality inspection is a key component to ensure that the product meets the design specifications and quality standards.Xinjuexin quality inspection process involves not only finished product inspection, but also raw material inspection, production process control and final product inspection and other stages.

Raw Material Inspection

Raw Material Quality Inspection: Before production begins, raw materials are inspected to ensure that they meet production requirements. This includes testing the physical and chemical properties of the plastic pellets, such as melting point, flow rate, colour stability, etc.

Supplier Evaluation: Suppliers are evaluated and audited on a regular basis to ensure that the raw materials they provide are of a consistently high quality over time.

Production process control

On-line monitoring and testing: Real-time monitoring of the production process, such as dimensional accuracy, colour consistency, physical properties, etc., is carried out by setting up testing points and using automatic testing equipment.

Process Audit: Regular audits of the production process, including operator practices, maintenance of machinery and equipment, and cleanliness of the production environment.

Final Product Inspection

Dimensional and Appearance Inspection: Conduct dimensional measurements and appearance inspections of completed products to ensure that there are no defects, such as fusion lines, air bubbles, discolouration or deformation.

Functionality Test: Test the functionality of the products to ensure that each product works properly and meets the design requirements.

Durability and Reliability Test: Test the durability and reliability of the products by simulating the conditions of long-term use, such as heat resistance, cold resistance, chemical resistance and mechanical strength.

Packaging and final pre-shipment inspection

Packaging Inspection: Ensure that the products are firmly packaged with appropriate protective measures to prevent damage during transport.

Pre-shipment sampling: Random sampling before final shipment to ensure that the quality of mass-produced products is consistent with the samples.