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Foam material

Foam material
MaterialFull name of materialDensity(g/cm³) Material characteristics and Application
Foam NBRFoam Nitrile-butadiene0.4-0.7g/m³Foam NBR has excellent waterproof, moisture-proof, thermal insulation, cushioning and shockproof, sound absorption, sound insulation, sealing, fire resistance and other characteristics.
Can be used as sealing, sound insulation, shock absorption, heat insulation material, used in automobile, electronics, air conditioning, and other fields.
Foam EVAFoam ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer0.0024-0.02g/m³Excellent characteristics of EVA foaming materials:
1.water resistance: closed bubble structure, no water absorption, moistureproof, good water resistance.
2.heat preservation: heat insulation, cold insulation and low temperature performance is excellent, can withstand cold and exposure.
3.shockproof: high resilience and resistance tension, strong toughness, with good shockproof/buffering performance.
4.processability: and easy to hot pressing, cutting, gluing, laminating and other processing.
5.sound insulation: closed bubble hole, sound insulation effect is good.
6.corrosion resistance: resistance to sea water, oil, acid, alkali and other chemicals corrosion, antibacterial, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution
Common uses of EVA foaming:
Sports equipment: such as surfboard, life buoy, water ski, life jacket.
Thermal insulation materials: cars, trains, central air conditioning, cold storage thermal insulation and so on.
Shoes: sports shoes, slippers, rubber shoes and so on.
Bag material: lining material of pull rod bag, etc.
Electronic materials: satellite wireless slow wave materials, etc.
Foam siliconeFoamed silicone0.3-0.9g/m³Foam silicone is white and becomes soft elastic material after vulcanization. It is a kind of environmental protection material, the product produced is non-toxic and tasteless, safe and healthy. It can make flexible silicone rubber products such as human body, insole, shoulder pad, patch and anti-slip pad. Tearing strength: 55Kn/m; Extendability: 100%; Temperature resistance range: -40-220℃; Fire rating: 94V-0.
Foam EPDMFoam Ethylene-propylene0.4-0.7g/m³EPDM is divided into closed cell foaming and open cell foaming. The closed cell foaming material has an independent pore structure, and the closed cell foaming material is separated by the wall between the hole and the hole, and is not connected to each other. They are mainly small bubbles or tiny pores. The open foam material is connected with the bubbles and the outer skin. They are independent bubbles, mainly large bubbles or coarse pores.
Its ozone resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance and other excellent aging performance, can be widely used in automotive parts, building waterproof materials, wire and cable sheath, heat resistant hose, tape, automotive seals and other fields.
Foam CRFoam  Chloroprene0.4-0.7g/m³The characteristics of foam CR mainly include light weight, strong toughness, light weight, strong toughness, heat insulation, low thermal conductivity, superior heat preservation, non water absorption, independent bubble structure, low water absorption, excellent cushioning and impact resistance. It can be used as a buffer material with excellent weather resistance.foam CR can also pass ozone resistance test (50pphm*40. C*72 hours).
Foam CR mainly uses include:
1.packaging materials, precision machinery, medical equipment, furniture, glass and other transportation cushioning material with safety cushion, small appliances, etc.)
2.civil, building (residential doors and Windows sealing material, all kinds of civil building caulking materials, etc.)
3.Vehicles, ships, door sealing materials, all kinds of pipe sealing material, thick seam of lamps and lanterns, engine , instrument of the buffer shockproof materials and sealing materials, etc.)
4.thermal insulation, heat preservation, air conditioner, refrigerators and freezers insulation sealing materials, etc.)
5.sound insulation, moistureproof, all kinds of mechanical equipment prevent noise sealing material, residential sound barriers of sealing material, all kinds of electrical appliances waterproof sealing material, all kinds of mechanical equipment the seal materials, etc.). Can be customized according to customer requirements, fit all kinds of imported tape, good stickiness, products used in communication computers. Household appliances. Calculators. Electronic toys and all kinds of electronic controllers and other fields.
Foam SBRFoam Styrene-butadiene0.4-0.7g/m³Foam SBR has a fine, soft and elastic feel, and is characterized by shockproof, heat preservation, elasticity, impermeability and air permeability. Its physical mechanism performance, processing performance and product service performance are close to natural rubber. Some properties such as wear resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance and vulcanization speed are better than natural rubber. It can be used together with natural rubber and a variety of synthetic rubber.
It is widely used in the production of tires, tapes, hoses, wires and cables, medical appliances and various rubber products. It is the largest general synthetic rubber variety and one of the earliest rubber varieties to achieve industrial production.
Foam PUFoam Polyurethane0.4-0.7g/m³The PU foaming material is not only beautiful in appearance, light in material, easy to install, but also has the advantages of high heat insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention and long service life compared with the sandwich board of similar products. The installation adopts direct lap joint, convenient construction, relatively low cost, and can better prevent roof degumming, leakage and other phenomena, is the ideal roofing material.
SpongeSponge0.26-0.35g/m³Sponge features: sponge has the advantages of good buffer, earthquake resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance and chemical corrosion, and non-toxic and non-water absorption, the design can be processed into shape, its shockproof performance is better than foam and other traditional foam materials, and meet the requirements of environmental protection, is the best choice for export products
The main properties of sponge are: ordinary sponge, anti-static sponge, fireproof sponge, high elasticity sponge, high density sponge, conductive sponge, coarse hole sponge, etc
Sponges are suitable for packaging linings, electrical products, mobile phones, digital products, tablet computers, wines, hardware tools, cosmetics, jewelry, mechanical devices, gifts, etc. in various electronic products. The process of sponges is mainly foam materials, cut into squares, and then ground. Mainly used for sports equipment, pencil case, computer bag lining, etc