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With the continuous growth of the Group's listed companies, the information of the Group's enterprises and listed companies needs to communicate with the media, superior leaders, internal employees, investment partners, candidates, consumers and suppliers and other target groups through various channels. How to meet the needs of these groups is a problem that the Group needs to solve. Undoubtedly, the website is the most effective, direct and authoritative information publishing platform. How to build a network platform that not only conforms to the corporate image, but also reflects the development strength of the enterprise has become a heavy burden for the listed companies of the group to establish a good network image.

The network provides website construction solutions, website construction, website design, webpage design, FLAS animation design, and network platform development for listed companies of major groups.

Frequently asked questions about websites of listed enterprises and groups:

● The network image is not taken seriously, which affects investors' judgment of the company!

● The website did not disclose information in time, which could not help investors!

● The website program technology is relatively backward, and updating is troublesome!